Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wistful shrug

While waiting for the rest of Icarus' yarn, I started the Lacy Cable Shrug out of Wistful.

This pattern was originally made with Earth Song on size 10 needles. My Bugg picked up these hanks of Wistful at the Fiber Festival in Greencastle, IN back in April. I am using size 5 needles and am pleased with the results.

The photo is of the gauge swatch, but one cuff is finished and I'm progressing up the sleeve.

Mom's computer set-up is not ideal for photo transfers - more photos coming soon!

Have a safe, happy Fourth of July!

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Almost finished Icarus...oh, and the winner

The goal was to be able to post a finished Icarus with the winner's name...All of the stitches have been knit, but the blocking (which is the most important part) will have to wait until I get back home next week. This means there are more photos coming. My mom was helpful in posing with the shawl. **see the string hanging from the right side? I haven't woven the ends in yet, either.

Now, down to business...Thank you to Buttercup and Brown Berry for posting your new projects - they are beautiful! Both names went into the 'hopper' and my dad chose one piece of paper (after making me explain why we were giving away yarn, what it was for, whose yarn was it, and if my name was one of the ones who could win) -- it was very proper, I assure you.

Buttercup, come on down! Congratulations on your yarn win!!

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Waiting for Kim

Hi everyone! We have to wait til Kim gets back from out of town to do the drawing! But let's just say the odds are REALLY good for the people who posted new photos!
Have a great holiday week everyone and happy knitting time!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Picking up my Briar Rose Again

I finally picked up my Retro Cardi again. I love the colors of the Sonoma and Fourth of July I'm using.

I have an annotated photo on my blog so you know which part is which! It feels so good to be back!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Elegant Gauntlets in Grandma's Blessing

This reminded me that I need to get a move on with these. By the time I spin around, it will get cool enough to wear them!

This is the Elegant Gauntlets pattern from Sally Melville's "The Knitting Experience: The Purl Stitch". I'm knitting them in the round on 2 circular needles - Addi Turbos US Size 2 (3mm). This is making for a very dense fabric, but the way I see it dense = warm. :)

Congratulations Amanda!

...and welcome to the world Maggie Mae, my new god-daughter! :-) Born Saturday morning, weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz. Isn't she perfect?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Need more yarn?

Kim and I met for lunch this week......bless her heart, she is the sweetest thing! She had a great idea for a yarn give away. Now, a lot of you already post and I am so grateful...but there are many of you that haven't posted at all. So to get you to show us what you've done with Briar Rose Fibers, yarn or patterns, you have until the 29th to show us! Then we'll put your name in a drawing for some wonderful yarn! If you've used our yarn with a commercial pattern, that counts! If you've used our pattern with a commercial yarn, that counts! You still qualify if you've posted before (just show us something new)......oh! and the project can be "in progress".........

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Walk in Central Park

Here's my progress on the Central Park Hoodie from KnitScenes Fall '06 issue. Just at the point where I'll split it into 3 parts: left front, back, & right front. The colors are richer and darker than this photo suggests, but the cables show up clearly. I'm liking the pattern very much, and there are many helpful suggestions on the CPH knit-along site. While there, be sure to see BrownBerry's finished hoodie. Now those are some good photographs!
I don't need to tell you folks that this Abundance yarn is uum-um-Good! Clean and without knots, it's pure enjoyment. I never get tired of watching how Chris' colors mix and blend as I knit.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trinity Shawl

It may not look like much now, but it's going to be this:

when it grows up (or out, as the case may be.)

Yarn: Briar Rose Sea Pearl
Pattern: Half Square in Trinity Stitch from Victorian Lace Knitting

I really love how this stitch pattern blends the colors: primarily rose and coral, with a soupcon of green thrown in for flavor.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Briar Rose for Tabitha Rose

Hi there

I'm a new member, and I just wanted to pop in, and say "Hi!" and share a picture of some lovely Briar Rose Fourth of July that Chris helped me pick out to use in the Vine Flower Childs Dress by Knitspot (you'll need to scroll down the page of that link to see it) that I intend to knit for my daughter, Tabitha Rose.

As we speak, one skein has been wound, and swatched and washed (looks like I will be using a sz 9 (5.50 mm) circular needle as the lg needle), and I can't wait to get started on this sweet lil dress!
Thanks, Chris for your help, and for making such gorgeous yarn! : ) and
thank you, Kniterella for letting me join. I love browsing this blog and I'm looking fwd to participating! I will (hopefully!) have progress pix soon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Iowa Sheep & Wool Fest

Hey everyone, we're back from Iowa. I taught a couple classses, one on socks for beginners. I just wanted to share this fun photo. Here I am with one of my sweet students showing off her finished sock knitted with Fourth of July!

Friday, June 08, 2007


1. I have begun the Clapotis.

This pattern involves intentionally dropping stitches every inch or so. To set up for that, the stitch on either side is knitted through the back loop. This little twist adds structure (or so they say). For now it just makes the knitting look all wonky and uneven (though this photo is truer to the actual colors than the one above):

See the 3 bands of smooth stockinette bordered by more rag-tag stitching? This better shake out after finishing the pattern or blocking.

2. I am halfway done with the Clementine Shawlette. Its color changes are much more subtle...and perfectly suited to this elegant little drape.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Nine months later...

I have finally completed the "mom's soft wrap jacket" from Knitting for Two book. July 4th yarn was used for this project and because I am vertically challenged, I decided to go with shorter sleeves and make the jacket more into a cardigan. (Plus the time was coming to an end and the project needed to be completed before the baby arrives). Thank you Chris for painting such beautiful fiber. This is one sweater/jacket that I can use at anytime.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The shawl is only a mystery to me

Sorry, Debbi - I didn't mean to tease you - The shawl is Icarus from 2006 Summer Interweave Knits.
It may look a little different in this photo...due to some 'Kim' difficulties, I took it out and started over. The pattern is easy enough to follow - it was just me not following very basic knit rules.
It's moving right along and I hope to share the completed project very soon.

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