Saturday, June 30, 2007

Almost finished Icarus...oh, and the winner

The goal was to be able to post a finished Icarus with the winner's name...All of the stitches have been knit, but the blocking (which is the most important part) will have to wait until I get back home next week. This means there are more photos coming. My mom was helpful in posing with the shawl. **see the string hanging from the right side? I haven't woven the ends in yet, either.

Now, down to business...Thank you to Buttercup and Brown Berry for posting your new projects - they are beautiful! Both names went into the 'hopper' and my dad chose one piece of paper (after making me explain why we were giving away yarn, what it was for, whose yarn was it, and if my name was one of the ones who could win) -- it was very proper, I assure you.

Buttercup, come on down! Congratulations on your yarn win!!

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