Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Exciting Opportunity

We all love Briar Rose or we wouldn't be here, right?

How does the opportunity to own your very own custom designed and knit blanket made of Briar Rose Sonoma grab you?

I've organized a donation drive to benefit The Hope Lodge in Grand Rapids - very near Chris' dye studio. You may have read about it in her recent newsletter.

Chris was kind enough to donate a ton of Sonoma and many knitters have agreed to design and knit squares to make the blanket. (I am so excited...)

The link to donate went up yesterday and if you make a donation, your name could be pulled in a random drawing to own your very own FINISHED Briar Rose blanket!

Visit the blog where progress and updates are posted or you can visit the donation site directly here at the American Cancer Society.
Get your family and friends involved - everyone can participate to support those dealing with cancer treatment.


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