Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Autumn Glory

Tired of spinning my needles on Sedona (yes, I know, I AM making progress, albeit slow)I cast on for Autumn Glory yesterday.

I had three hanks of Autumn-y goodness
(otherwise known as Briar Rose Sonoma)

and the view I had driving back from Michigan last week with the trees, now delineated by the emerging fall color, stacking up in staggered rows, just like a lace pattern.

(Not my picture folks. Truth in advertising.)

Lace, when rendered in a chunky yarn and a large repeat, takes on a whole new perspective.

Vitals: chunky boat neck pullover, skims body, hip length, 3/4 sleeve. Rib repeats at raglan neckline and top of sleeves.

See the trunks in the ribbing design?

(Sorry for the slight blur. I design. I don't shoot well.)

And the little trees?

It'll look better once it's blocked.

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